My schooling and certification in the art of Wallpaper Installation began in the early 80's, when I graduated from The United States School Of Professional Paperhangers. Since that time I have worked with a myriad of papers in all sorts of residences and commercial establishments. The clientele that seek me out, do so primarily from past introduction of my skill. I work with designers, contractors, architects as well as home and property owners.


I have continued to gain knowledge of the various techniques of this art, through ongoing programs and sharing experiences with other professionals. My involvement with the NGPP has been rewarding, providing a wealth of information about different products and procedures.


In the ever changing world of wallpaper and the complexity of many substrates, it is more important then ever to hire a professional that will bring the expertise and craftsmanship to see a job completed properly.


Wallpaper, whether it is vinyl, fabric such as silk or a traditional paper, will provide years of beauty, texture and elegance.  Understanding the proper wall preparation prior to hanging and the possible need of liners is an important part of a successful application.


I am available to ensure that your investment gives you years of satisfaction and enjoyment.  I look forward to working with you and giving you the quality you deserve.



Julie Otto


Certified Paperhanger


Member of WIA since 2006 









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Fish Wallpaper

Fish Wallpaper

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HGTV Home Makeover

New Brunswick, NJ


Myself and two other installers helped make this a happy home.


Phillip Jeffries Wall Coverings supplied the ceiling grasscloth. 



Flavor Paper

Jon Sherman, seen in foreground, created and helped install this custom self-stick mural.



Fifth Wall = Ceiling 

Movie posters were selected by a teenager to adorn her bedroom ceiling. 

Bradbury & Bradbury

Customized art deco wall coverings will enhance any space in your home.